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Intracel™ Micro-Needling with RF

Intracel™ RF Micro-needling uses miniscule, insulated micro-needles to tighten skin, resurface, reduce the signs of aging, fade stretch marks & scarring and eliminate wrinkles.

Unlike surgery or many other laser procedures, the insulated micro-needles protect the surface of the skin from damage, with little or no downtime for the patient. Micro-needle treatments target variable depths below the surface of the skin which leaves the healthy skin undamaged.

Intracel™ is a cutting edge, proven technology that will totally improve the texture of your skin. Using fractional RF, it will address the typical signs of aging like sagging, fine lines and deep wrinkles by tightening the skin. It’s also incredibly effective in treating acne and acne scarring.

Finally, unlike any other machine on the market, the Intracel™ can diminish large pores and render stretch marks invisible.

This technology is renowned for its results, comfort and its low-maintenance nature. Patients are able to resume daily life immediately and full skin recovery can be expected within a few days post-treatment. Further, there are no fussy aftercare procedures required.

Following the standard 1 to 3 treatments, a simple medical-grade skincare regime and a good SPF are all that the client will require.