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Intracel™ Micro-Needling
with RF

Intracel™️ Micro-needling Toronto

Intracel™ MicroNeedling is Toronto’s hottest non-surgical beauty treatment, offering dramatic skin rejuvenation with virtually no downtime. This process is unique; our Toronto technicians combine RF (Radio Frequency) with insulated needles to re-texturize, tighten skin and rejuvenate the surface.  

This clinically proven treatment can address the following:

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improve skin tone and texture.
  • Correct sun damage.
  • Help shrink large pores.
  • Soften and diminish stretch marks.
  • Treat a wide range of Acne scars.
  • Tighten loose skin on neck.
  • Help redefine jawline and soften folds.

Unlike surgery or many other laser procedures, the insulated micro-needles protect the surface of the skin from damage, with little or no downtime for the patient. Only Intrace™l Micro-needling treatments target at variable depths, allowing technicians to customize treatments according to patient skin concerns & conditions.

How does MicroNeedling for Toronto clients work?

Microneedling creates micro injuries which then triggers the body’s natural healing process.  Each tiny needle creates a channel that the body will want to re-fill with New New tissues, while triggering the production and remodelling of collagen and elastin.  Collagen and elastin are structural proteins found with the dermis layer of the skin and provide the skin with the structural support and flexibility required for a tight and lifted appearance.

Is MicroNeedling Painful?

Micro-Needling treatments begin with topical numbing and Intracel Mico needling with RF is renowned for its comfort, results, and its low-maintenance post treatment. Patients are able to resume daily life immediately and full skin recovery can be expected within a few days post-treatment. What makes this treatment so appealing is that there are no fussy aftercare procedures required.

How much does Micro Needling Cost at Toronto’s Clarity Medspa & Laser?

Clarity offers more than one device that can deliver MicroNeedling – this means you are assured of being matched with the perfect solution for your skin.  With this in mind, pricing can vary, based on the device used and the areas being treated.  We can provide a free and comprehensive consultation to determine if you are an ideal candidate for any of our micro-needling options.


Side effects & risks of MicroNeedling

Intrace™ is considered safe, and as long as you are healthy and being treated by a medically supervised clinic there is very little risk.  Immediately after treatment there will be pinpoint bleeding which goes away quickly.  Redness usually resolves within just a few hours and most clients will describe the post treatment sensation to that of a mild burn.

Following the standard 1 to 4 treatments, a simple medical-grade skincare regime and a good SPF are all that the client will require.