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Can skin care or makeup actually go bad?

Yes, skincare has a shelf life – Old products can harbour infection causing bacteria, while expired products can lose their effectiveness in the period after opening.

At Clarity Medspa in Toronto, we recommend inspecting your products at least twice a year, discarding anything that’s past its date, that’s dry or crusty, or that smells bad… this includes old makeup brushes and sponges! Especially for those with sensitive skin, products the are “old or off” increase the risk of breakouts and allergic reactions!

“Out with the old and in with the new” …and while your at it, consider this the perfect time to explore new options for brighter, healthier and more radiant skin.

Neocutis™ Cleanser

Clear Skin 101: Without regular cleansing, increased perspiration, pollution and sunscreen buildup will simply clog pores and worsen problems such as acne. At Clarity, we love Neocutis™ Cleanser because it’s lightweight, suitable for all skin types and its composition will not disrupt the natural balance of your skin.

Endocare™ Serum

Serums benefit by feeding the skin with water-soluble ingredients like vitamins, anti-oxidants and acids while stimulating the fibroblasts within the tissue. The active ingredient in the Endocare™ Tensage Serum is obtained from the Cryptomphalus Aspersa snail an ingredient originally used to treat patients suffering from radiation burns. At Clarity we stress the importance of serums year round, and Endocare™ provides excellent recovery support from UV rays, free-radical damage and stress from dehydration.

Endocare™ Cream

Sun exposure and increased sweating might lead some to believe there’s no need to moisturize through the summer – well this is far from true. Though the skin might feel clammy or oily while you sweat outside, TEWL (aka trans epidermal water loss, aka sweating) is really the skin dehydrating. As such, it’s important to support the entire body (internally and externally) with water consumption and topical moisturizing creams. A summer favourite for every skin type and all age groups is Endocare™ Tensage™ Cream – it is hydrating while featuring a light and non-greasy texture.

Finally, wear ANY sunscreen that you love!

Knowing that sunscreen selection is a personal choice, Clarity Medspa offers multiple brands to suit a wide range of preferences, skin types and skin colours. While we always recommend a minimum of SPF 30, the rest is up to you: find your favourite physical or chemical blockers, organic or not, creamy or lightweight and reapply throughout the day!

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