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Face Lift or Fillers – What should I do?

Face Lift or Fillers – What should I do?

Face Lift Surgery or Fillers?

Plastic Surgeons are embracing the use of Injectable Fillers to give patients needed volume as well to “restore shape to the face”. With aging it is inevitable that one one will lose volume in the face, making Fillers one of the most popular anti-aging treatments.
The beauty of fillers is they immediately replenish lost volume and can naturally stimulate ones one own collagen with very predictable results.Fillers are ideal for smoothing out lines and creases that have formed on the face and even the hands.
Common treatment areas of the face include:


What is the safety record for fillers?

This is one of the safest cosmetic anti-aging treatments available. For years, the Medical Aesthetic Industry has been refining injection techniques the use of fillers to diminish the signs of aging. This along along with ongoing innovations in the development of filler products by pharmaceutical companies gives patients opportunity for more choice and natural looking outcomes.


The advantage of using fillers as compared to a facelift is that injectable fillers are less invasive, they offer lowered risk and no downtime. In addition, the contours of the face are being improved to youthful contours rather than just “stretched back” with surgery.
Achieving a Natural Look:
“The beauty of using fillers is they can deliver a natural-looking outcome with virtually no downtime” says Chantal Ward, RN and owner of Clarity Medspa in Toronto. Nurse Chantal recommends that fillers not be “over done” as she feels the best outcomes are achieved with a more conservative approach. For example, individuals who have very thin lips should not get dramatically fuller lips. Creating fuller lips in these patients could be extremely unflattering because the lips might start to resemble a duck’s bill. Similarly over filling the cheeks will create a fake looking result that is unflattering.


“Temporary” fillers last anywhere from 9-12 months, offering convenience and value. Chantal Ward is partial to temporary fillers as they have the advantage of being injected exactly where needed, replacing lost fullness in a precise manner. Over time, as the filler wears off, one can easily schedule a “top up” to maintain a consistently fresh and natural appearance.


Permanent fillers are not recommended for two reasons:
1) Although they may seem like better value for money spent, permanent fillers have an associated risk of granuloma formation (sever white blood cell reaction to the filler) along with risk of infection requiring antibiotics and sometimes, surgical removal.

2) As the face ages, permanent fillers will begin to pop through and become pronounced. As the skin and face ages over the years, these fillers will actually become noticeable, odd and out of place.


Combined with Facial Skin Tightening, Fillers can deliver a natural appearance or simply restore your youthfulness.



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