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Non surgical options to plump lips and correct smokers lines

Non-surgical options to plump lips and correct smokers’ lines

For most, the aging process will result in loss of volume of the lips, along with an increase in lines and wrinkles in the mouth area. For some, the choice is to use injectables for definition and/or create an exaggerated pout.   That said, we find that more and more women simply want to freshen up their lips with an expectation to restore rather than “looking done”.

The first line of defence for natural aging is always the adoption of good habits. Because lips do not produce oil, they can dry out faster than the rest of your body. Over the years, cumulative exposure to sun, wind and cold can damage and cause peeling. Use of an SPF and/or wearing hats & scarves are critical not only for slowing the aging process, but for cancer prevention* as well. DIY treatments to exfoliate can keep lips looking smooth. When combined with a hydrating cream or balm, home treatments can also leave lips looking and feeling well hydrated. *chronic peeling and any discolouration on the lip should be assessed by a physician.

For most women, what drives them into action are those tiny annoying wrinkles, often described as smokers’ lines. These typically create ”bleed-lines” when using lipstick. Lines, when compounded with a general loss of volume, are key aging indicators.

Medical Spa treatment options for the lip and mouth area:

For natural-looking lip & wrinkle correction in the mouth area, it is important to create a treatment plan that is unique to to the individual being treated – we were not all created equally, nor will we age equally; therefore, not everyone should be treated identically.

Chantal Ward, RN of Clarity Medspa in Toronto is well versed to discuss a range of proven modalities. These include Injectables, RF such as  Exilis Elite, resurfacing lasers such as Pixel or  Fraxel, micro-focussed ultrasound such as Ultherapy and micro needling such as Dermapen. All of these can be matched with you age, the condition of your skin, your schedule & budget.

Whether you are in your 30′s, 40′s, 50’s or beyond, meeting with a medically based aesthetic professional offers you an opportunity to learn more about safe and proven treatment options.

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