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Unprotected Sun Exposure Ages the Skin!

At Clarity Medspa in Toronto, we believe that without protection, even a few minutes per day can cause the skin to age prematurely. Over time, the negative effects will be highly noticeable and the  sun damage will begin to present as freckles, age spots, rough or leathery skin, broken blood vessels, blotchy skin, actinic keratosis and even skin cancer.

Photo Aging is a term used by skin professionals &  dermatologists to describe aging caused by sun exposure.  The degree to which any individual experiences photo aging depends on their skin color, their lifetime of sun exposure, and their lifestyle history.

Typically individuals with fair skin present with signs of photo-aging sooner and with greater severity, than those with dark skin.  This is not to say however, that dark skinned individuals are exempt from the negative effects of the sun!

Scientific research shows that with repeated sun exposure, the skin loses its ability to repair itself efficiently. Collagen breaks down as well impact elastin, eventually resulting in skin with an inability to spring back.  Eventually  fine lines and wrinkles being to present ultimately  affecting skin laxity & structure.  Unprotected sun exposure can also discolor and create hyper-pigmentations.

The best line of defence against photo aging is comprehensive sun protection:

  • Avoid deliberate tanning, including tanning beds.
  • Avoid sun exposure between 10 am – 4 pm, which is when the sun’s rays are the strongest.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat, and long sleeves during the day.
  • Be aware of body parts that might be exposed. Ie. Back of the neck, legs, feet, ears, scalp.
  • Sit in the shade, or walk on the shady side of the street, whenever you can.
  • Apply sunscreen that is BROAD-Spectrum year round with an SPF of 30+. Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going outside and reapplied after sweating or swimming.
  • Consider including an oral supplement prior to sun exposure such as HelioCare™ which helps protect your skin by building your body’s natural defence against UV. HelioCare has been scientifically proven to reduce free radical damage & photo-aging.
  • Avoid skin care products that exacerbate free radical damage and move towards those that are free of suspect ingredients.

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