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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with GentleMax™ Pro

If you are tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing or electrolysis you might consider laser hair removal.

Working with multiple devices we have the laser for YOUR skin.  Our lasers are safe, FDA and Health Canada Approved and operated by technicians who are experienced…our extended hours will accommodate most any schedule. Typically we schedule client  treatments with GentleMax Pro; that said, there may be some individuals who  might also be well suited for the Alma Harmony IPL system – either way we have you covered.

What body areas can treated with laser hair removal?

GenlteMax™ Pro treats all skin types and is the Gold Standard for laser hair removal.  This device combines Alexandrite (755 nm) with an equally powerful Nd:YAG (1064) for high performance treatment abilities.  Even better, this  device is fast, safe, comfortable and the results are most impressive.  Treatment areas include:

Lip – Chin – Face – Neck – Chest – Back – Arms

Underarms – Tummy – Legs – Bikini – Brazillian Laser – Hands – Toes

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?

Using a patented DYNAMIC COOLING delivery system, the skin is instantly cooled with each pulse of the laser – making this virtually a pain free laser hair removal experience.  When it comes to offering fast + effective laser hair removal, the dual wavelength of the GengleMax Pro allows us to treat the widest range of patients.   With one of the industry’s largest spot sizes, our laser hair removal is fast!


GentleMax Pro gives a whole new meaning to FAST LASER HAIR REMOVAL in Toronto!

How long is each laser hair removal session?

Smaller areas such as underarms or upper lip can be done in as little as 3 minutes or less…. while larger areas like the back or legs can easily be treated in in 20 minutes. The time required for your session will be determined during you consultation.

What should I expect during GentleMax laser hair removal?

Most clients will see results after the 2nd visit,  but because of the cyclical growth patterns of hair, most people require 4-6 sessions in order to achieve a state of significant and permanent reduction.

Immediately following treatment you can expect a little redness, as though you had been in the sun…this can last 20 minutes or 24 hours.

Treated hair will continue to appear for approximately 7-10 days until the body completes expelling/pushing out the treated hair. As time goes on, you will find that there are fewer and fewer hairs between visits. Shaving will become much easier, if not NON existent!

What is cost of laser hair removal?

The cost of laser hair removal can vary from one treatment area to another.  That said our prices are competitive and we are known for great package pricing.  Contact us for more details.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Many men are concerned with the effects of unsightly hair growth, whether it be their faces or body and Laser Hair Removal provides a cost effective method of managing excessive hair growth .

In addition to a reduction in hair, Laser Hair Removal also provides relief from ingrown hair. Typically men gravitate towards laser treatments that target the chest, back, legs, arms and face. Important to note is that is that not all individuals will respond the same and managing the final outcome is best done in a one-on-one consultation.