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Vaginal Lasers & Pelvic Floor Therapy

Vaginal Lasers & Pelvic Floor Therapy Toronto

C02 Intima Laser –  EMSELLA Chair – BHRT (BioIdentical Hormones)

Breakthroughs in vaginal lasers  have resulted in safe and highly effective solutions in the treatment of sexual health and wellness, along with  pelvic floor strength &  function for both men and women.

    1.  CO2RE Intima  vaginal laser is a noninvasive, in-office laser procedure for rejuvenation of the vagina and/or vulva as well as issues related to stress urinary incontinence.
    2. EMSELLA pelvic floor therapy  (also known as the “kegel throne”) is also noninvasive and activates the muscles in the pelvic floor region.
    3. Hormone therapy for Women & Men.In addition to non-invasive therapies,  women & men can benefit greatly from balancing of hormones to help improve long term wellness. Advancing age, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and lifestyle factors can have an impact on hormone levels.

Emsella “Kegel Throne” – Women & Men

Typically with kegel exercises, we are only able to activate 15% of the pelvic floor region. What makes Emsella special is its ability to stimulate muscles in the entire pelvic floor region, producing 11,000 kegel contractions in under 30 minutes.

Emsella by BTL Pelvic Floor

Either from childbirth, natural aging, or hormonal imbalances, women of all ages will notice changes in  their bodies including vaginal tightness, decreased vaginal lubrication, urinary incontinence and blood flow to the area.  Recent studies show that 25% of menopausal and post menopausal women cite that this is a health issue of great concern.

Using HIFEM (High Intensity Focussed Electro Magetic Waves), Emsella helps strengthen pelvic muscles, overall wellness and improve intimate relationships. HIFEM waves  build muscle and permanently increase blood flow to the pelvic floor and perineal areas. This causes the muscles in the area to contract and relax, giving them a real workout.  Additionally the production of new fibroblasts and collagen to the area, support the tissues for heightened sensitivity and sexual sensation.

Emsella helps women with:

  • Improve  libido (sexual drive & desire)
  • Improve vaginal laxity.
  • Reverse Urinary Incontinence.
  • Improve Muscle spasms or pain during sex.
  • Reduce Frequent Infections.
  • Improve sexual function – ability to reach orgasm.

Emsella helps men:

Pelvic floor therapy for men is here… pelvic muscles for men can also be strengthened with kegel exercises (pelvic floor therapy muscles support the bladder & bowel as well affect sexual function.)

For men, erectile dysfunction and incontinence is a common concern, especially after prostate surgery.  The combination of improving blood flow to the penis and strengthening/balancing the pelvic floor has been most effective in the treatment of incontinence and erectile dysfunction.   During treatment patients stay fully clothed, there is no downtime.  Men share that their sex lives are improved.

Emsella + Hormone Therapy assists men with:

  • Trouble Urinating.
  • Decreased erectile function.
  • Prostate problems.
  • Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Loss of Muscle Strength & Muscle Mass
  • Fatigue – Weight Gain.
  • Bone Loss.

If you are concerned with your health we are ready to help improve your overall wellness & sexual health.


Initially developed for premenopausal & post menopausal women experiencing  symptoms of aging, CORE Intima vaginal rejuvenation is a laser treatment  well suited for younger women, usually in their child bearing years.  to relieve vagina atrophy as well as address issues post-childbirth. Intima is also be an alternative  non-invasive to traditional vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure that tightens tissues and restores  sensitivity of the vaginal tissues.

In addition to treating symptoms of menopause & aging, this C02 non-surgical vaginal treatments can also help with issues arising from multiple pregnancies and childbirth.

C02RE Intima vaginal rejuvenation treatments may be especially effective for women experiencing the following:

  • Vaginal dryness or itchiness.
  • Loose labia that have lost elasticity.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Mild urinary incontinence.
  • Pain during urination
  • Loss of sexual enjoyment
  • Vaginal laxity with minimal muscle tone.
  • Self consciousness in appearance.