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Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel & Facial Treatment

Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel

Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel is Toronto’s most talked about facial. Also known as a “Hollywood Facial,” Carbon Peels are the go-to treatment for celebrities around the world. With zero downtime, this treatment instantly produces a “wow factor.”

A Spectra™ Carbon Laser Facial Peel  helps restore damaged skin to a more youthful condition, painlessly. Perfect as a  “pre-event facial.”  Spectra™ can be delivered as a single refresher treatment – or for those with problematic skin – in a series of treatments. Whether you have a wedding, a high school reunion, or another big event coming up, you’ll get noticeable results instantly. Customized treatment plans can produce lasting effects that address a wide range of skin problems:

  • Shrinks Pore Size
  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Reduces Large Pores
  • Controls Oily Skin
  • Minimizes and Controls Blackheads
  • Fades Acne Scars
  • Fades Melasma (a.k.a. “Pregnancy Mask”)
  • Fades Pigmentation/Sun Damage

What happens during a Spectra Carbon Laser Peel?

After the initial consultation, a typical Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel for Toronto patients will generally follow these steps:
1. Skin is thoroughly cleansed.
2. A thin layer of Carbon lotion is applied over the entire treatment area.
3. Once the lotion dries and particles have had a chance to set into the skin, the technician will use a Spectra™ Q-switched 1064 laser to vaporize the lotion and heat up the outermost layers of the skin.
4. You will experience a warming sensation as the lotion is being absorbed by the laser.
5. You’ll immediately see a more youthful you!

How to care for skin after Spectra Carbon Laser Peel

In addition to your carbon laser facial, our staff can make recommendations regarding skin care,  ensuring  your home regime is well suited to your skin’s condition, your lifestyle and the season.

Clarity Medspa carries only acne products that are scientifically backed and proven for managing skin that is prone to acne breakouts.

Painless, with no downtime, Spectra™ makes your skin smoother and brighter. Unlike chemical peels, there is no delayed exfoliation or shedding process. You don’t have to be a movie star to treat yourself to younger-looking, brighter skin. Take advantage of this wonderful new technology and painlessly achieve visible improvement to your skin. Schedule a free consultation for Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel in Toronto today!

What is the cost of Carbon Laser Peel?

The cost of a Spectra Carbon Laser Peel can vary slightly, depending on whether or not there are any  post treatment steps added to your visit (this could include the addition of brightening masks, hydration infusions).  Additionally a pre-treatment consultation will help us determine whether or not your skin will be satisfied with a single session or will require multiple visits to achieve results – in this case we have Carbon Laser Facial Packages.

To learn more about the cost of Spectra Carbon Laser Facial: email@claritymedspa.ca  or 416 960 2222