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Mole & Freckle Scanning
– Dermsecure®

Skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide with over 13 million cases diagnosed annually. While prevention is key, early mole screening can save lives.

About 1 in 4 people suffer from a skin condition and whether acne or skin cancer, few have quick and easy access to a dermatologist. While no one should have to anxiously wait for months to have a skin condition assessed, we have good news for you!

New on the scene is Dermsecure®. Dermsecure® is a Class 2A medical device that takes 5 images including 4 spectrophotometricimages that show the disorganization of suspicious moles and lesions. This non-invasive procedure allow patients to benefit from the evaluation of their suspicious lesions by technology that is pain-free, accurate and quick.

Dermsecure® technology is able to see up to 2mm in depth and will provide you with results that have been reviewed by a Canadian Board Certified Dermatologist. The assessment will come to you within 2-4 days. In addition to the dermatologist’s assessment, you will also receive a copy of the report. Depending on your results, an expedited referral will be made to see the dermatologist for a follow up appointment.

“MedX’s screening technology saved my life. Within 2 days of having my atypical mole scanned, it was assessed by a dermatologist as suspicious, and sent for immediate biopsy. Within 2 weeks of the biopsy it was diagnosed as Stage 1 melanoma and immediately removed. This is life-changing technology.”

Melanoma cases continue to rise at a rate that is faster than the 7 most common cancers including prostate and breast cancer. The statistics cannot be ignored, that every hour of every day, someone dies of melanoma. If you are concerned about a suspicious lesion, it is best to taken action immediately.

With a simple scan by the Nurse, a full skin assessment will be completed. The Dermsecure scan will allow you to know what your next steps are without have to worry for weeks or months.


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