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Facial Cupping with
Magnetic Infusion Therapy

Facial Cupping & Body Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage is an ancient eastern therapy that is most well known for treating the body as it helps with the release if toxins, drainage of the lymph system, release of fascial adhesions, relief of  muscle tension, moving of stagnant energy and more.  However, its potential for beauty has only recently been embraced!


The most vibrant of skin always has good blood flow – and facial cupping does just that.  Massage cupping increases micro-circulation, bringing blood and oxygen up to where the skin needs it ultimately delivering the building blocks of collagen, which is the HOLY GRAIL of beautiful skin.

Without blood, oxygen and the nutrients it needs, the skin is going to look droopy, saggy, and dull…other benefits include:

  • Relieving Sinus Congestion
  • Relieving TMG
  • Relieving chronic headaches.
  • Relieving muscle tension in the forehead and jaw areas.
  • The ability to enhance effectiveness of quality skin care ingredients.

The thought of facial cupping might make some a little nervous, especially if their only point of reference is that of large suction marks, like those seen on elite athletes. However, this is not the case when working with medical grade face & body cups at Clarity Medspa. Be assured your skin will be ready for a night on the town!


Massage Cupping at home – 5 minutes of cupping is like 30 minutes of deep tissue massage.

With the help of LURE® pre-packaged massage cupping kits, we can show you how to incorporate massage cupping  into your beauty regime as well as, your overall wellness routine.  Learn how 5 minutes of facial cupping massage will contour and lift your face.  If you are an athlete or someone who suffers from back pain, tight muscles, poor circulation or stress, discover how 5 minutes of massage cupping can provide almost instant relief.  Call or visit our online SHOP to learn more


Cupping Facial Treatments:

What makes our facials unique is the inclusion of magnetic infusion therapy (M.I.T). By adding this protocol, skin experts at Clarity Medspa are able to push serums deep into the dermis vs. having them simply sit on top (epidermis). Clients visibly see the difference and note that improvements vs. treatments that do not include this step.

The cupping portion of magnetic-infusion facials incorporates pre selected essential oils that are matched to the client’s skin. Working in a gentle, gliding pattern of lymphatic drainage, teeny tiny cups are passed over the face, eye, neck and chest areas. This movement helps alleviate stagnation and fluid congestion – when combined with magnetic facial cupping (aka M.I.T) we can address common concerns:

  • reduce puffiness around eyes
  • plump lips.
  • smooth tissue along jaw line, and cheeks.
  • minimize under-eye bags
  • relieve sinus congestion
  • improve facial circulation
  • correct sallow lack-lustre skin
  • wrinkles and fine lines.
  • stimulate collagen and elastin.

Clarity Medspa works exclusively with Lure™ branded cups that are sized specifically to treat delicate facial contours.  clients can be assure of BPA-free, phthylate-free, latex-free products that are manufactured with food grade silicone:

Body Cupping

Therapy experts and elite athletes alike are keen to discuss the merits of body cupping for a wide range of ailments – many of which  can inhibit mobility, affect performance and compromise the feeling of overall wellness.   For troublesome fat and/or cellulite deposits, our team can talk to you about “at-home” body cupping kits that  can smooth celllulite and/or accelerate Exilis & Coolsculpting fat reduction treatments.

What is CupSculpting for Cellulite?

CupSculpting® uses Gentle Negative Pressure that defines & contours promoting micro-circulation, clearing toxic stagnation while Improving absorption depth & Efficacy of cellulite skincare products all while stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Benefits of Lure CupSculpting® for Cellulite & Body Shaping:
Increases blood circulation.
Activates lymphatic drainage.
Relaxes fascial adhesions for smoother skin.
Reduces fine wrinkles – Slims & Tightens Legs.
Relieves tension in IT bands