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HelioCare™ BROAD Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection

HelioCare™ Characteristics

  • Developed by leading scientists in Dermatology and Photobiology at Harvard Medical School.
  • Based on a natural extract from a tropical Central American fern, which evolved from an aquatic plant to a land plant and in doing so, developed strong protective and repair mechanisms against UV radiation.
  • Advanced UVA/UVB filters providing broad spectrum protection.
  • Innovative cosmetic technology – light, easy to apply, no visible residue OR slightly tinted for a make-up camouflage effect.
  • Maximimum protection SPF 50 that is light and dewey.
  • HelioCare™ Products contain a combination of physical, chemical and biological filters.
  • Topical sunscreen contains Fernblock™ – a powerful combination of natural anti-oxidants which help eliminate free radicals produced by sun exposure responsible for aging.
  • Fernblock™ protects against hyperpigmentation and DNA Damage.
  • Proven effective in helping reduce symptoms in people subject to sun-related allergies.

Effectiveness has been demonstrated by numerous laboratory and clinical trials featured in leading international scientific and medical journals.