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WISHpro™ Wholesale – Skin Professionals Only

WISHpro™ – The ultimate upgrade for any Spa, Medical Spa or Beauty Service Provider.

What is WISHPro®?

WISHPro® is a multi-platform aesthetic device developed by Synoia Technologies, a technology company in Israel, and subsidiary of BDR Group. Synoia is the fastest growing aesthetic devices developer in the world, with more than 18 years of combined experience in developing innovative medical devices. Synoia’s founders have lead the company to the frontier of advanced, state of the art aesthetic technologies, world patents and innovative thinking.

How does WISHPro® support my business & my clients?

WISHPro offers service providers the opportunity to add 4 new treatments to their offerings for a very small initial investment.
The WISHPro platform delivers “technology based” treatments that produce immediate results – clients instantly see and feel the difference in their skin.
WISHPro clients are consistently amazed at how their skin feels and looks younger and healthier.

  • Supports use of any line of skincare that is use post treatment.
  • Delivers instant visible results.
  • Non-Invasive. No Downtime.

WISHpro™ Overview

  • Suitable for any skin type – even Fitzpatricks 5 & 6.
  • The ONLY cordless professional device
  • Affordable. Dependable.
  • Ease of Training.
  • Hygienic.
  • Mobile Device – Travels easily.

Allows service providers to add new technologies to their service offerings

  • 660 nm Red LED for rejuvenation.
  • 420 nmBlueV LED for Acne.
  • 550 uA Micro-current for muscle contraction and anti-aging.
  • Magnetic Pulsing for facial lymphatic drainage.

WISHpro™ 4 Technology heads

Convenient and Compact.

WISHPro is cordless so there are no wires getting in the way when treating clients. Great for those with multiple treatment rooms as the handset can easily be carried from one room to another.
Operating WISHPro is as simple as Twist>Pop>Click.

A revolution in maintaining hygiene standards

WISHPro single-use Treatment Capsules are disposable and individually sealed to ensure optimal hygiene practices. WISHPro Technology Heads are waterproof and can be easily washed between treatments.

BTX Capsule

Individually sealed, the patented Wishpro Treatment Capsules consist of a detachable sponge that has been infused with natural cosmetic formulations. These spongey capsules are designed to compliment various technologies.

To ensure quality & consistency of all WISHpro treatments, capsules have also been micro-chipped to deliver timed treatments that are able to address a wide range of skin concerns:

  • Reduces rosacea. Calmes Redness.
  • Restores hydration.
  • Softens wrinkles.
  • Lifts and encourages muscle contraction.
  • Boosts skin immunity.

Rejuvenation Capsule

  • Boosts collagen & elastin production.
  • Enhances lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduces swelling & irritation.
  • Repairs lack-lustre skin.
  • Exfoliates & hydrates.

Never Becomes Obsolete

WISHPro is designed around the WISH Handset Platform, which enables Operators to continuously expand their treatment offerings by adding new Technology Heads as they become available. Synoia Technologies is constantly working to expand their range of available treatments and are currently working on affordable solutions for Cellulite, RF and Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion.

Anti-Aging Capsule

Natural Calming Milk Capsule

WISHpro™ Magnet Pulse Training

Blue V- Acne Technology Head

Collagen Infusion Capsule

Hyaluronic Capsule

Peel Exfoliator Capsule