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Eve Taylor® Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Hand-gathered essential oils from around the world.

Anti-aging skin care, featuring gold standard production processes. No parabens, dyes or artificial fragrance all Eve Taylor oils are produced in small batches to ensure active ingredients retain their freshness and potency.

Eve Taylor uses GLC (Gas Liquid Chromatography) to ensure the chemistry of each essential oil remains intact.

Essential oils that are responsibly sourced & inspected from locations around the world.

Eve Taylor uses essential oils that are gathered by hand, naturally blended and put through an extraction process within hours of the harvest. These strict guidelines maximize potency & therapeutic effect, ensuring the best possible results for your skin.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the practical use of essential oils for therapeutic (anti-aging) reasons. EveTaylor® aromatherapy uses oils that have been extracted from only the portion of plants that have the most therapeutic properties. Apart from smelling pleasant and giving sensory gratification, Eve Taylor essential oils also have the ability to restore balance to aging skin and the mind.

Carefully blended, Eve Taylor oils offer the most potent of facial oils to combat aging.

Combining science and old-world traditions, Eve Taylor® anti-aging blends are highly activated and natural. Eve Taylor harnesses the collective properties and synergy of the best essential oil combos, reversing sun damage, restoring hydration and reducing wrinkles.

How can Eve Taylor® facial oils help my mature skin?

Essential oils rehydrate, restore, and rebalance the skin.
Reverse sun damage and reduce wrinkles.
Essential oils help your other treatment ingredients to absorb faster!
EveTaylor oils are pH correctors – everyone can benefit!
They help to connect the mind, body and spirit – provide aromatic benefits while aiding in treating your skin!
Offers a more natural approach to skin care while being highly effective.

FACT: Essential oils are the only scientifically proven delivery system into the body.

Using EveTaylor® Aromatic Treatment Serums in conjunction with other medical-grade skin care ingredients (peptides, hyaluronic, vitamin C, etc) one is able to accelerate results. Scientifically proven, essential oils help carry active ingredients deeper into the dermis.

FACT: When combined with your favourite skin care ingredients, EveTaylor® Essential Oils can actually increase the effectiveness if other products.

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