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Leg Vein Laser Treatments

Leg Vein Laser Treatments Toronto

Prominent leg veins can make you self-concious. While not life-threatening, they may force you to cover up and deny yourself the pleasure of outdoor activity and light, comfortable clothing.

This problem can now be treated with laser. In just a few treatments your unsightly veins will fade from view.

A variety of leg veins, ranging from the most superficial to deeper blood vessels, respond well to laser therapy. Spider veins, very small veins caused by a dilution of the minute vessles that sit near the skin’s surface and reticular veins, the small, bluish coloured veins that carry blood to the skin’s tiny vessels, are just two examples of these type of veins.

The laser causes no damage to the overlying skin. Temporary bruising may occur at first, but will fade into final results.