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Anti-Cellulite Cream & Treatments – BioElixia™

Are you struggling with Cellulite?

Do you want to diminish unsightly bumps and/or dimples. Would you enjoy visibly smoother skin?
Clarity Medspa is proud to introduce BioElixia™ Anti-Cellulite Reduction Cream. This is a patented and unique dermal delivery system that is non-irritating. BioElixia™ was developed after 13 years of Pharmacology Research and harnesses the power of patented TPM Delivery Technology (derived from natural Vitamin E).
Unlike any other cream in the anti-cellulite category, this revolutionary formulation enhances the absorption of key anti-cellulite ingredients – a must for results!
BioElixia™ is easy to use, has a pleasant texture and a pleasant scent. One only requires a small amount of product which is massaged using a circular motion.
Combined with Exilis™ Radio Frequency Body Shaping, results are exponential!

In an independent study of 30 women using BioElixia™ BodyShaper over a 28 day period, over 80% of the women confirmed improvement in:

  • The appearance of Cellulite.
  • The feeling of skin’s tightness and tone.
  • The appearance of skin’s moisture and hydration.
  • FREE of Parabens.
  • NO Artifical Colours and Dyes, SLS, SLES’s and DEA’s.


BioElixia™ is Scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite by an average of 57%.


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