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Acne Scars Treatment in Toronto

Isolaz™ Acne Treatment & Pore Purification

Isolaz™ is a Dermatologist-recommended laser skin resurfacing procedure to treat acne and scarring, control oil and inflammation, and calm redness all while helping prevent acne scars. It is no wonder that those who suffer from acne are relieved to learn of this non-prescription laser acne treatment option which you can find at our Toronto acne clinic.

How does Isolaz™ laser acne treatment work?

Isolaz™ is an FDA- and Health Canada-approved breakthrough treatment for mild to moderate acne and acne scarring. Isolaz™ uses a revolutionary combination of vacuum and broadband light (BBL) to drain clogged pores and kill bacteria. Not every type of acne treatment around Toronto promises such a cutting-edge approach, with proven results.

Isolaz™ removes blockages in the pores, including blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, dirt, oil, and dead cells. The light destroys bacteria and shrinks oil glands, rejuvenating skin cells. Skin is purified from the inside out. Treatments are safe, painless and effective. There is no downtime and all skin types can be treated, even those with darker or acne-prone skin.

What will I look like after an Isolaz™ acne treatment?

Most clients experience mild redness post-treatment but this does not last long. Your skin will feel smoother and you will be able to resume normal activities. Pre- and post-treatment sun protection will be discussed at the time of consultation.

How many Isolaz™ acne treatments are required?

On average, clients require 3-6 sessions to get their skin condition under control. Although a single session can address oiliness, blackheads, and breakouts, multiple sessions produce optimal, long-lasting results. Some clients return for maintenance every 3-4 months or will move on to other treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Fraxel™ or Pixel for acne scars, and sometimes photofacial rejuvenation for redness.

For caring, effective acne treatment in Toronto, call Clarity MedSpa today for your free consultation: (416) 960-2222.

Post treatment acne skin care

Additionally our staff will conduct a thorough consultation to ensure that your home care regime is well suited to your skin problems. More often than not, clients use skin care products that are too aggressive or ill-suited to their condition.

Clarity Medspa carries only acne and acne-scarring products that are scientifically backed and proven for managing skin that is prone to acne breakouts.

How much does it cost to remove acne scars by laser?

Every face is unique and for this reason, our Toronto acne clinic highly recommends you contact us directly to determine the cost of laser treatment of acne for your situation. Typically the cost of average laser acne treatment in Toronto is $195.00. Package pricing available for savings.



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