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PRP Treatment in Toronto

What Is PRP Injection Treatment?

A-PRP (Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment and ATS (Autologous Thrombin Serum) together permit the injection of a powerful matrix gel at targeted treatment areas. Whether treating wrinkles, folds, scars or poor skin texture, platelets slowly release growth factors over a period of time that will support the skin at its foundation.

Important to understand is that A-PRP facial therapy for Toronto patients is not administered to fill the wrinkles but to stimulate the fibroblasts which will produce NEW collagens, and all the components of the extracellular matrix (elastin, fibronectin, GAGs, HA, glycoproteins, vitronectin etc…) These combined result in tissue regeneration and stronger, smoother skin.

PRP Treatment for Anti-Aging & Prevention:

Platelet-rich plasma injection can treat the following problem areas:

  • nasolabial folds
  • dark circles
  • poor laxity cheeks & jawline
  • peri-orbital areas (mouth area)
  • crow’s-feet area,
  • fine wrinkles in upper lips zone (smoker wrinkles),
  • nose & forehead wrinkles,
  • neck (venus circle)
  • decollete (crease-marks on chest).
  • back of the hands
  • Stretch Marks
  • Acne Scars
  • Hair Regrowth and Restoration

The best A-PRP® facial treatment is a natural therapy that exploits the regenerative potential contained in our platelets, in order to induce tissue repair and new tissue generation.

What will my PRP treatment look like?

Performing A-PRP requires just a small amount (only a few ml) of blood. The sample is centrifuged to concentrate the patient’s platelets in a little amount of plasma. This is then injected through a thin needle in the skin or the scalp – is virtually painless and with no downtime..

How does PRP help with hair loss & hair growth?

PRP hair treatment is a natural therapy that exploits the potential contained in our platelet, including that of the hair bulb environment… increasing blood supply and enhancing hair follicle cell proliferation, resulting in stronger, nicer hairs.

In stimulating the hair bulb environment, A-PRP hair restoration provokes a natural process that results in strengthened hairs. Its natural and “autologous*” quality excludes side effects.

When it has a high concentration of platelets, PRP produces various growth factors including growth factor-beta and vascular endothelial growth factor that make it valuable as a hair loss treatment. Men and women can benefit from a PRP shot. It is an excellent alternative to hair transplantation or hair implants in Toronto.

Male Pattern Baldness

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes the miniaturization of hair follicles and is believed to contribute to male pattern baldness. About 50% of men are affected by this condition. Fortunately, this can be treated. A study in India found that men had approximately 30% more growth in thinning areas after 4 PRP treatments for hair loss and hair thinning.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Men are not the only ones that experience hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is comparable to male pattern baldness, with the exception that hair loss occurs in a distinct pattern. This condition is typically hereditary, though other factors include age and hormones. The good news is that the injection of platelet-rich plasma results in hair growth.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune condition that targets hair follicles. While more studies need to be conducted to fully cement the role of PRP as a treatment for alopecia areata, some studies have found that the treatment results in a significant increase in hair regrowth and a decrease in hair dystrophy.

Does PRP work for hair regrowth? The short answer is “Yes”. For affordable hair PRP treatment for hair loss and hair thinning, turn to a trusted hair restoration or plasma clinic near you. Get in touch with Clarity Medspa & Laser.

Other Benefits of PRT Treatment

PRP for Wound Healing

Platelet-rich plasma results in the stimulation of cell recovery, tissue repair, and the formation of blood vessels. It is an effective treatment for acute and chronic wounds. It also increases antimicrobial activity, helping to fight off infections caused by various microbes.

PRP Treatment for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Platelet-rich plasma injections have become a popular treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. It can be used to treat the tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone.

PRP for Sports Injuries

Because PRP treatments have the ability to heal wounds and treat musculoskeletal injuries, it also holds value in sports medicine. Athletes don’t have to be sidelined for long periods of time. PRP therapy is minimally invasive, quick, and has fast recovery times.

PRP Side Effects

Pain in the Affected Area

Some patients who have undergone platelet-rich plasma therapy, or hair injection treatment for hair loss, complain about pain or soreness at the injection site. This pain can also radiate deep within the area, reaching the muscle or bone.

Formation of Blood Clot

When the lining of blood vessels is damaged, a blood clot typically forms in the area. A PRP injection involves the insertion of a needle into the skin. This poses the risk of hitting a vein or an. If this happens a blood clot is formed. Fortunately, it can easily be treated as you would a normal clot.

Skin Discolouration

One side effect of PRP treatment is some bruising in the treatment area. This may be normal and depends on your history of bruising. However, if the bruise is unusually deep and dark, or you are not the type to bruise easily, get in touch with your doctor immediately.

Allergic Reaction

While rare, some patients will have negative reactions to the treatment. If you notice this reaction, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

PRP therapy may present certain side effects, however, that doesn’t mean that the treatment isn’t worth your while. Contact a trusted PRP clinic in Toronto to see the PRP therapy results for yourself.

What is the cost of PRP Treatment in Toronto, Canada?

Individual concerns related to PRP skin and PRP hair loss treatments can vary from person to person. When it comes to pricing out your PRP treatments, we need to consider the number of required visits to deliver a positive outcome .. which naturally will affect the cost of PRP.

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