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Patient Financing

Payment plans & financing for treatments at our Toronto med-spa

If you are keen on the idea of treatments such as Botox, Ultherapy, Fraxel,  acne scar removal, Emsculpt or Coolsculpting etc. and would like financial assistance to make payments more achievable, we may have a solution for you!

You may be eligible for financing through a third-party payment plan such as BEAUTIFI – They may also temporarily cover a portion, or all of your initial treatment costs (depending on your credit).

Currently, we recommend our customers to go through BEAUTIFI as they make the process much easier than other providers.

BEAUTIFI is set up to pay us directly for your treatments, after you have been approved for financing.

Thereafter, BEAUTIFI will debit your bank account for scheduled repayments.

Below we’ll answer some common FAQs about payment plans for laser and body treatments at our clinic.

How many payments will I have to make for my selected treatment?

The number of payments you’ll need to make will depend entirely on the program you are approved for. At Clarity, we do not  offer payment plans directly. Meaning, the loan doesn’t come from us; it comes from the financing company that you chose. Your best source of information will be to ask BEAUTIFI directly about these details.

Should I be pre-approved before booking my consultation?

You are more than welcome to book a consultation to learn,  if the treatment you seek is even right for you.  With a pre-approval, your consultation will go smoother and you may even get started right away. Naturally, we will make recommendations based on your budget.