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Benefits of Combining Anti-Aging Treatments

Benefits of Combining Anti-Aging Treatments

Combining non-invasive antiaging treatments can sound intimidating, especially when it comes to your face; however, the experts at Clarity Medspa in Toronto are ready to help you sort through the multitude of clinically proven treatment options!

Skin rejuvenation options for anti-ageing treatments Toronto 

Anti-aging skin therapies can include methods, products, and supplements that reduce the appearance of aging and promote overall skin health. Creams and serums are helpful, but it’s necessary to take action if you want youthful, healthy-looking skin. Without intervention, the skin begins to look less attractive with time – It becomes thinner, wrinkles form, dryness develops, it becomes more translucent and age spots appear. Additionally, aging skin takes longer to recover from minor cuts and abrasions.  Rosacea (facial redness, broken capillaries, acne)  can develop in addition to other undesirable presentations of aging skin such as hyperpigmentation (due to sun exposure) or melasma (also known as pregnancy mask).

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to anti-aging treatments and skincare. Everyone’s skin type is different, and some people may need more or less support than others.

When trying to decide who choose for laser skin treatments in Toronto, seek out medical aesthetic experts that have a range of technologies and skill sets to accommodate your skin’s evolution – specifically treatment plans, customized for those of you looking for a better way to hit the “reset” button, as well as maintain results.   Expertly crafted treatment plans are available for every skin type and concern.  

One of the biggest benefits of blending a variety of anti-aging therapies and skin care products is being able to customize a treatment for your skin’s needs.

Products &  treatments work better in combination with one another.

Some therapies, such as the PRP vampire facial and MicroNeedling can work well in conjunction with other treatments such as chemical peels. Laser skin resurfacing tends to be more assertive and can be supported with skin care. To elevate your results, consider incorporating dermatologist recommended products into your home care regime so that you can see faster results, have a healthier complexion, and more importantly maintain your improvements.  

For example, you might get better results by interchanging a non-surgical treatment to smooth wrinkles like C02 laser resurfacing, with a PRP collagen-boosting treatments or micro-needling. For some individuals a Botox Brow Lift along Plasma IQ + eye creams will offset laxity in the eye area and give you the results that make you feel better about your appearance. 

There is a multitude of options when it comes to cleansers, moisturizers, serums, anti-aging masks, etc… the challenge is to find the product(s) that serve you while on a specific treatment plan.   Working with a well round professional,  you can learn how & when to introduce BHA’s, AHA’s, ceramides, anti-oxidants, and peptides to name a few.  The right products not only help to repair your skin’s protective barrier but can also reduce inflammation and redness after treatment. 

How to combine therapeutic laser skin treatments that avoid potential side effects.

Some skin treatments increase the risk of skin irritation and inflammation but combining them with products meant to soothe,  can reduce these reactions. For example, an IPL photofacial combined with Facials or Chemical Peels or DermaPen or Bela MD is a good way to reduce redness and inflammation while also erasing age spots, sun damage,  pigmentation, and melasma.

Less Down-time with Mix and Match Facial Laser Treatment Plans 

Moving in and out of a “selection” of treatments will often produce better results, as well, can be less expensive than repeatedly doing a series of the same treatment, over and over again. You can also heal faster by combining the right treatments with a great skincare routine.

It’s important to talk to your medical aesthetic laser skin professional in Toronto before beginning a skin care regimen. After all, they know what type of skincare products work best for each person’s skin. Not all ingredients work well with one another, so ask your nurse or doctor on how to avoid adverse reactions with  D.I.Y skin routines. 

How to choose best anti-aging ingredients?

No matter what your age, protecting and caring for your skin is always important. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of skincare products available to help with aging skin. We’ll explore what anti-aging means and how you can tell if a product will work for you.

*SPF Sunscreen 

Sun damage is one of the worst things for your skin. Remember to look for products containing broad-spectrum protection, including UVB and UVA rays. We recommend using products with at least a 40+ SPF rating.


Sunscreen is excellent for keeping your skin protected, but retinoids like retinol can’t be beaten. Retinoids are types of vitamin A—they help your skin renew and reproduce cells more rapidly. This is great for combating wrinkles, and age spots and supporting acne scar treatments. 

*Vitamin c

Did you know that vitamins can be good for the inside of your body and the outside? They can absorb nutrients like crazy, which is great if you suffer from a deficiency. Applied topically, they protect skin from age-related damage and can even brighten age spots in time. Talk to your dermatologist before applying, but these little miracles are worth it.

*Lactic Acid

AHA is a more gentle form of chemical exfoliant and it’s less likely to cause irritation when compared to other chemicals. It removes dirt from your skin and dead cells more efficiently than others.

*Hyaluronic acid.

Humectants are an important ingredient in many skincare products, and they work by drawing water into the skin to keep it moisturized. When combined with a healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins, this ingredient can help keep your skin from drying out and losing firmness.


Suffering from an impaired barrier? You may notice dry skin, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to avoid this, make sure your skin barrier is functioning properly so it can protect your skin from damage.

If you’re looking for trusted skincare in Toronto  and anti-aging treatment recommendations, Clarity Medspa in Toronto can help you navigate your options. 

Clarity Medspa Toronto has solutions for all skin tones and will know which brands are best for you –  medical aesthetic providers are ready to discuss your situation.  

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