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How to get fit without a gym membership

Build Muscle and Burn Fat Without Going to the Gym

It’s finally possible to get the body you’ve always wanted, without surgery. Thanks to revolutionary BTL technology, Emsculpt® will burn fat, build abdominal muscle and create a sustained butt lift without surgery or having to to work out excessively.

Emsculpt® is a non-invasive muscle building treatment that induces supra maximal contractions in muscles, increasing strength and improving tone in targeted areas of the body. If you work out regularly, eat healthfully and still have a “soft” abdomen or sagging buttocks, you can combat these problem areas in just four visits.

Emsculpt® treatments are Health Canada & FDA approved to build firmer abs, lift the butt and create a stronger core when diet and exercise appear to not be helping. While this is not a replacement for exercise, Emsculpt supports a healthy and active lifestyle. Emsculpt targets stubborn areas to improve muscle firmness, create definition, improve muscle performance and provide a noticeably improved physique.

Why Won’t This Fat Disappear?

For many of us, losing excess weight is a challenge and is ongoing. That said, even when we have “plateaued”, we should acknowledge our efforts for any achievement that has moved us closer to our fitness goals. Improvements to cardiovascular health, a reduced BMI and improved muscle tone reduce our risk for disease or injury. With improved fitness not only are we able to better enjoy life, our overall energy levels improve, and so does our mental wellness.

What is most frustrating however, is when your body doesn’t reflect all of the inner wellness you’ve accomplished. It’s true; some spots are harder to tone than others. Often this is due to genetics — a factor we cannot control. For many of us, these “problem areas” include the stomach, thighs, and gluteal muscles. No matter how many squats or planks we do, progress simply doesn’t seem visible.

Genetics affect where fat gets stored.

How Genetics Play a Role

Each person is predisposed to have more fat in some areas. After months of training, we may notice our faces, arms, and calves have slimmed down, but those “rock hard” abs are nowhere in sight. Pregnant women may be surprised to discover a little more stubborn weight around their midsection or buttocks during and after nine months of childbearing, despite their commitment to exercise. Men often store fat in their torso and upper body, and a “six pack” is difficult for anyone to achieve.

Testosterone plays a huge role in fat dispersion; lower testosterone level (like those in women), mean more fat is distributed to the lower body. If you’re struggling to tone certain areas, a healthy lifestyle is necessary. Alongside a great eating plan and regular activity, talk with physicians to address your stubborn spots with technologies like Emsculpt® and other non-surgical treatments.

Staying Active Without a Gym Membership

If you notice a plateau in weight loss, you may need to switch up your workout regimen. In some cases, muscles don’t change or respond because the body has learned to anticipate the usual exercise routine. Eventually, these workouts won’t be as challenging and end up being less effective. It’s important to have variety and unpredictability in your physical activity.

Change up your workout scenery.

Here are some tips for reinvigorating your body’s movement, alongside your Emsculpt® treatment:

1. Try Something New

Consider trying a home workout plan you haven’t previously tried. For example, you could buy an app that includes video demonstrations of certain stretches and exercises. You can also stream free workouts on platforms like YouTube. There are thousands of fitness class providers who provide free online content.

There are other fun classes that feel less like the drudgery of the gym. In many major cities, you could try pole fitness, rowing, or long distance running. There’s even a circus academy that teaches trapeze and acrobatics that help you stay fit. Consider going for a walk with your friends instead of sitting down for coffee.

2. Embrace “Housework”

Many of the chores we do around the house can also be considered exercise. Change the way you look at vacuuming, mopping, and going up the stairs. Each of these activities are burning calories and building muscle.

Everyday activities can be taxing, including shovelling snow and mowing the lawn. (Remember to warm up before doing any yard work!) Pushing the lawn mower or a shovel of snow works abdominal and lower back muscles. Both activities also work quads and arm muscles.

It’s important to use proper posture and positioning when engaging your body. Just as you can injure yourself with equipment at the gym, you can injure yourself at home. Protect your back. When lifting (like a load of snow), bend from the knees. Rely on your leg muscles instead of your back to lift heavy loads.

When pushing the lawn mower, use the power from your quads to move forward. Avoid letting the push bar touch your stomach; use leg and arm muscles to keep it away from the body.

3. Challenge a Friend

Accountability is an important element for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s normal for many of us to slack when no one’s looking. Stay on top of workout plans by engaging a friend; be accountability partners for each other.

Discuss your individual goals. Are they losing those last 10 pounds? Feeling good in a swimsuit? Wearing that close-fitting suit or dress without a binding undergarment? Each of you can commit to a schedule of home workouts. Each week, meet or call to ensure you’re both still on track. You can even make an agreement for surprise phone call or email “check-ins.”

Hold your friends accountable to their fitness plan.

Start a 30-day challenge with your accountability partner. Work together to develop an exercise and food plan that you each find rewarding. It can be as simple as walking the dog each day, doing a daily three-minute plank, or taking part in an online yoga class. Whatever your challenge, do it every day for 30 days. At the end of the agreement, you’ll likely feel stronger and notice some physical differences.

Emsculpt® supports your diet and exercise plan.

Get healthy with new and different ways to stay active. The gym alone won’t give everyone the body they desire. Sometimes we need some expert assistance. Make your stubborn areas feel and look tighter with Emsculpt®. This non-invasive treatment reduces fat while also building muscle. It can also lift your butt, tighten your abs, and define your thighs. You deserve to feel great about your body, especially after your journey to become your healthiest self.

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