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Is Laser Hair Removal Preferable to Waxing

Is Laser Hair Removal Preferable to Waxing?

Managing body hair is considered by many to be an essential aspect of their beauty regimen. While the most common approaches include tweezing, waxing, shaving and sugaring, these methods often have unsatisfactory and short-term results. As a result, laser hair removal is now the fastest growing alternative for permanent hair reduction.

Which method of hair removal is best for you?


Much like threading and tweezing, waxing involves pulling hair out of its follicles. This method involves applying cold or warm wax to treatment areas, laying a strip upon the waxy hair, and pulling the strip away from the skin.


Laser hair removal involves the use of Photo-thermolysis to target, heat, and destroy follicles using light therapy. While the hair absorbs the laser’s energy and is destroyed, it is important to note that surrounding tissue is left unharmed. Because this method targets the life-force of the hair, laser offers more permanent results than waxing.

Hair Regrowth

Waxing is a temporary solution. Hair growth returns within three to six weeks of treatment and usually with the same thickness and quantity as before. Regular visits to an aesthetician are necessary to keep areas hair-free and depending upon your ability to attend followup appointments, you may need to shave in between.

With laser hair removal, as few as 2-3 visits will result in hair growing much slower, thinner, and patchier than before. Final outcomes site permanent reduction of 80-90% in roughly 6 visits. There is little need to shave in between sessions, allowing you to enjoy smooth, hairless skin for longer periods of time.

Side Effects

Risks associated with hair removal can include hyper or hypo-pigmentation, temporary redness and in rare occurrences a burn. That said it is important to find a licensed technician that understands your skin type and works with FDA & Health Canada approved devices.


Waxing at first glance, may seem to be cheaper way to go. However, with years of visits for waxing, the accumulated costs will be significantly more than laser.

Pricing for laser hair removal can start as low as $75 for areas of the face and reach up to $450 for larger body areas such as back or full legs. The number of treatments will vary from person to person but typically, one requires only 4-6 visits with laser, making it much cheaper than waxing in the end.

To determine if laser hair removal is right for you, consult a licensed spa with trained technicians.

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