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Selecting a Quality Medical Spa for Skin Care

What is a Medspa?

A Medspa is a spa environment specializing in medical treatments and procedures for the face and body. Each spa is different and offers different skin therapies and treatments. Chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, laser treatments, and microdermabrasion are among the most popular treatments offered. Take your time when selecting a Medspa, and consider the following topics:

Doctors and Staff

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“Are they friendly? Are they as concerned and engaged in the treatment as I am?”

When we trust our skin to someone else, we want to feel cared for. The entire process should be shared before a treatment, and this information must be clear and easy to understand. Professional behaviour from doctors and staff is required. Take time to talk to the Medspa professionals to learn what their degrees and certifications may be. Not every Medspa offers doctors and registered nurses to treat clients. This is a key distinction between a real Medspa that wants to help you… and one that may only be interested in your money.

Post-Treatment Recommendations

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“Do I know what to do after a treatment?”

After a skin procedure, the client of a good Medspa will have instructions and an understanding of what to do after care. The quality of the results is sometimes dependent upon following post-care advice.


Selecting a Quality Medical Spa for Skin Care

“Can I afford it?”

Once you’ve found a Medspa that meets your criteria for experience and professionalism, ask what the cost of your plan may be. Some places will offer reduced-price packages, based upon which treatments (and products) are recommended.

Before choosing a Medspa, do your research. Don’t spend your hard-earned money, only to find you trusted your skin and appearance to anyone less than qualified or professional. At Clarity Medspa, we focus on the client’s needs and care for our patients. Call us with any questions at (416) 960-2222.