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DIY tips to prevent hair loss & support Hair Growth

While trimming your long locks is a simple task, it can take a considerable amount of time and patience to regrow your hair — especially if you’re sporting a short bob or a pixie cut.

Hair typically grows from 0.2 to 0.7 centimetres per month and can be affected by a variety of factors that include age, overall health, medications, hormones, stress & anxiety, diet and nutrition to name a few.

These factors can impact the rate, quantity, and strength of the hair that grows. To encourage your hair to grow fast, healthy, and strong while keeping hair loss at bay, you need to take a few extra steps.

How Can You Support Healthy Hair Growth?

Follow these few tips and your hair will grow out into beautiful, luxurious locks:

  • Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

    well balanced diet

    A well-balanced diet provides the best nutrients for your hair
    One of the tips for growing your hair is to invest in a healthy diet. By eating the right food, you are sending the right nutrients to your body. Your body will use these nutrients to keep your entire system healthy and fully-functioning.

    The food you eat can affect various parts of your body, from the health of your skin to the growth of your hair. Treat your body right by observing a diet that’s filled with the following nutrients:

    • BiotinBiotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is a vitamin that is often recommended for hair growth. Without enough biotin in your body, you might suffer from having brittle hair or even hair loss. While you can take biotin in the form of supplements, you can also naturally find them in several kinds of food:
      • broccoli
      • carrots
      • eggs
      • potatoes
      • rice
    • SeleniumSelenium can protect you from cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, as well as thyroid disorders. It also encourages hair growth. The following food is a good source of selenium:
      • Brazil nuts
      • bread
      • brown rice
      • halibut
      • liver
    • Omega-3omega 3
      Certain fish, such as salmon, contains omega-3
      Omega-3 is a type of fatty acid. Including this in your diet would be effective for hair growth. So if you want your hair to grow longer, we recommend you eat food that contains healthy fats like omega-3. Omega-3 are mainly found in certain types of fish and plants:
      • bluefish
      • chia seeds
      • flaxseeds
      • mackerel
      • salmon
    • Vitamin DVitamin D is not only good for your bones and teeth, but it is also good for your hair. It also regulates your insulin levels and supports the health of your system. You can find Vitamin D in the following:
      • beef liver
      • cheese
      • fortified milk
      • mackerel
      • mushrooms
    • L-lysineL-lysine is a type of amino acid that also encourages hair growth. It supports your immune system and helps your body process calcium and iron. You could even experience hair loss if you do not have enough of it in your body. Here is some food that has this amino acid:
      • beans
      • chicken
      • meat
      • Parmesan
      • spirulina
    • IronIron is an important mineral and its presence in our bodies greatly affects our health. While iron is responsible for transporting much-needed oxygen throughout our bodies, iron is also needed to maintain healthy skin, nails, and hair. Iron can be found in the following:
      • clams
      • dark chocolate
      • lentils
      • oysters
      • red meat
  • Trim Your Hair

    trimming your hair

    Trimming your hair removes split ends
    Healthy regrowth is easily supported by regular trimming of split ends. While you the occasional trim can be achieved at home, regular visits to your hair stylist allows a professional to comment on the overall health of your scalp – especially if hair loss is a concern. Professional trimming eliminates split ends which can be brittle and dry, all while creating the appearance of healthy and fuller hair with strategic cutting.
  • Wash Hair and Scalp Properly

    How you wash your hair, deciding on frequency of shampooing and shampoo selection itself can be daunting for those suffering with thinning hair. While dry shampoos have gained in popularity it is best to speak to a hair expert re. which products are best for your scalp – ensuring that what you are using is helping vs. hindering your progress.

  • Massage Your Scalp

    massaging scalp

    Massaging your scalp can help promote hair growth
    Stimulating your scalp through massage can also encourage hair growth as you are helping blood vessels to dilate beneath your skin, supporting hair growth.

    There are several ways for you to massage your scalp. Traditional massage requires your fingertips. You can do this massage yourself, or have a massage therapist do it for you. Use your fingertips and apply gentle pressure to your scalp. Do this with a circular motion for at least 5 minutes several times a day.

    Massage Tools are another option. Whether you use a brush or a tool, The key is to be gentle and careful not to pull at hair strands. Like massage pay careful attention that you aren’t pulling at hair.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) helps restore hair growth.

PRP treatments (platelet rich plasma drawn from your blood and centrifuged to separate blood components) were first used to treat injured muscles, tendons and joints. Platelets which contain growth factors are also be used to help stimulate new hair growth. By speeding up the growing cycle and increasing the number and thickness of new follicles the growth factors are “messengers” that signal anagen growth of hair loss. While PRP treatments can produce wonderful results, it is best to discuss its suitability for your situation with a medical professional.

Consistency is key when it comes to supporting hair growth – it is also important to acknowledge that success might be achieved by combining any of the above hair growth suggestions.

If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss, whether from stress or age, call Clarity Medspa & Laser. Clarity Medspa offers PRP treatment for Toronto patients looking for remedies to regrow hair. For hair loss treatments, call 416 960-2222, or [email protected].