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FERN EXTRACT in skin care? An ingredient breakthrough to watch out for!

Aesthetic Nurse, Clinical Trainer and owner of Clarity Medspa in Toronto, Chantal Ward RN is always on the lookout for skin care breakthroughs.

Not long ago Ms Ward was intrigued to learn of the anti-aging properties locked inside the unassuming fern plant. After reviewing various medical journals and articles, she learned of the work of Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick at Harvard University, whereby he co-developed the patented Fernblock™ Technology (Polypodium Leucotomos Extract).

Fernblock™ is an extract from a Central American fern known for its unique photo-protective abilities. “This fern was able to evolve successfully from an aquatic plant to a land-based plant over millions of years, and this is truly remarkable” says Ms. Ward. Supported by the plant’s ability to “adapt”, Fernblock™ is credited as:

  • A powerful antioxidant.
  • An anti-cancer agent.
  • An anti-bacterial agent.
  • An anti-inflammatory agent.
  • A protectant of skin architecture; collagen, fibroblast and skin-cell protection.

Both acne-friendly and sensitive skin friendly, Fernblock™ is also a protective agent from the effects of UV Radiation that can reduce the visible effects of photo-aging including:

  • Sun Burn
  • UV Sensitization
  • Photo-damage
  • Erythema

While the skin care industry has been slow to wake up to the merits of the fern extract in skin care formulations, consumers will soon notice that this is about to change.

Chantal Ward most was most excited when she learned of the use of Fernblock in science-based sunscreen under the brand name of HelioCare™. “We tested HelioCare™ at our clinic in Toronto and client feedback affirmed it was ideal for every skin type. That said it is particularly effective and well tolerated for those with highly Sun Sensitive Skin or for those who’s skin-health is impaired or recovering.”

HelioCare™ provides very high UVB & UVA protection and contains an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that is extremely supportive of good skin health. Those who suffer from acne, oily skin or even dehydrated skin find the SPF50 pleasant and effective.

“Within a very short time of retailing HelioCare™ I knew this sunscreen was a keeper”, says Ms. Ward. “My clients not only come back for repeat purchases, some have actually bought it for friends and family as a gift – a true testament to the merits of this product. .”

HelioCare™ has more than one product offering and depending on lifestyle and skin condition, one item may be better suited than another for your skin. The staff at Clarity Medspa would be pleased to help with product selection and can even mail it to your door.

To book a sunscreen consultation or place a mail-order, contact
Clarity Medspa at (416) 960.2222

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