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Understanding Skin Laser Treatments

Understanding Skin Laser Treatments

Laser Resurfacing Can Help Brighten Your Skin After Summer!

Get a fresher and brighter complexion for the seasons ahead.

There can be a price to pay for having enjoyed a glorious summer… and that is often the loss of soft, supple and evenly toned skin.. All year long, our skin is exposed to elements such as the sun, wind, or extreme exposure to heat or cold. Although summer presents the most risk with regards to sun damage, seasonal changes throughout the year also contribute to deep and cumulative damage within skin tissues. That said, with little effort restoring your skin through laser resurfacing can erase previous season’s sun damage, leaving a fresher and brighter complexion for the seasons ahead.

What can be treated with lasers?

Today’s laser skin treatment options are plentiful. Unlike years past where recovery periods could be long or where patients were concerned about explaining the healing process to friends, most laser treatments are now done comfortably and with little or no downtime – laser resurfacing is easier, better, and safer than ever.

According to Chantal Ward, RN and Aesthetic Clinical Trainer, “Patients can have a wide range of conditions treated including wrinkles, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, scars, freckles, and birthmarks. With treatment options for almost every budget, most patients I consult with are pleasantly surprised at what can be done to repair skin and restore confidence.”

Laser and light therapies such as Fraxel, Pixel, IPL (Photo Facial Rejuvenation) continue to be the most popular light-based therapies, as results are consistent.

Are there therapies other than Laser to brighten and restore skin?

In combination with laser resurfacing, the most sought after treatments to repair the effects of the environment include dermal fillers and therapies such as Ultherapy™ (focused ultrasound that lifts & tightens skin) or Mesotherapy™ (injection treatment that restores hydration with hyaluronic acid.)

“Devising treatment plans that can be tailored to fit lifestyle and that can be timed to suit budgets requires planning” says Chantal Ward. “I recommend that individuals consult with a reputable treatment provider that understands what is important to you.”

Chantal Ward goes on to say that “With the good planning, it is easy to to reach the desired outcome without having to take time off work or over-spending”. To extend the life of any skin treatment, daily habits play an important role.

Guarding skin against sun exposure, a healthy diet, exercise and proper home care will all contribute to supporting an impressive transformation.

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