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What can I do for Large Pores?

Large Pores – What can I do for Large Pores?


Most people associate large pores with the teen-age acne years, for many however, enlarged pores along with excess oil continues into adulthood.

Where ever there is skin, there are pores. These tiny openings are responsible for secreting perspiration and/or oil to either keep the body cool (perspiration) or lubricated (oil). Although it is impossible to count, it is estimated the average person has over 1 Million pores. In addition to heredity, causes of enlarged pores generally include:

  • Skin damage caused by chronic, unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • Aging.
  • Oily skin and seborrhoea – one of the most common skin problems, characterized by red, itchy rashy skin with scales.


The appearance of large pores is usually caused by overactive sebaceous (oil) glands. This causes the pores to expand to accommodate the excess sebum. Factors that contribute to enlarged pores include age, male sex, acne, chronic sun exposure or a genetic disposition. When pores become clogged with cellular debris causing blackheads, they will appear even larger.


Although there are no effective creams that can cure large pores, there are steps one can take to minimize the appearance. Topical treatments under the supervision of a medical professional can be helpful. Benzoyl peroxide which removes excess oil and dead skin, or salicylic acid, which helps prevent pores from clogging can be effective. Also helpful are topical acne creams made with sulfur or resorcinol, or skin astringents used to clean away oil. Products which stimulate collagen and elastin such as Vitamin C are useful as they may help the pores from stretching. Lastly, topical retinoids and retinol can help reduce oil production and increase collagen.


Chemical Peels and Photo Facial Rejuvenation (IPL) can be helpful in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores but there is now evidence to show that both ablative and fractional laser can reorganize and stimulate collagen, thereby actually reducing the pore size. Multiple treatments are required with some downtime but, the results can be very good.Treatments such as microdermabrasion help keep the skin exfoliated and ultimately reduce the appearance.


Many claims have been made that Toner can shrink pores, but there is little evidence. The tight feeling produced by toner is actually caused by the depletion of the skin’s natural oils.


For most people it is a combination of good home care and medical aesthetic care that leads to the best results. Chantal Ward RN., advises patients to be thorough, yet careful with cleansing so as not to strip the skin by over scrubbing or over exfoliating. Sunscreen is critical and Ms Ward stresses the need to find a sunscreen that is agreeable with one’s skin….and to use it diligently.


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