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What is a Healthy Skin & Acne Diet?

Diet controls the shape and state of our bodies, minds and skin. Chantal Ward, RN and Medical Aesthetic Expert, encourages those with sensitive skin to consider a “Rosacea Diet”, the best diet for someone with Rosacea or any other inflammatory condition, as it typically an alkaline diet.


An alkaline diet is rich in fruits & vegetables, is limited in meats and avoids grains, sugar and over-processed foods. It attempts to keep the acid/alkaline or pH balance of the body at its optimal level of 7.3-7.4pH. The theory is when the is pushed towards an “acidic” state, along with stress and poor sleep, the body’s basic mechanisms such as detoxifications, elimination and repair do not function. Eventually this will lead to the formation of disease.


The Basics of an Alkaline Diet:

  • Eat 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods.
  • Alkaline Foods: Fresh Fruit (especially lemons and watermelons), vegetables, salad greens, almonds, millet, sprouts, raw cider vinegar.
  • Acidic Foods: Breads, cake, cereal, crackers, grains, legumes, vinegar, meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, tofu.
  • AVOID: Alcohol, coffee, dairy, sugars, gluten, artificial sweeteners, cooked fats and fried food.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Manage Stress: Exercise Regularly, get quality sleep, remember to breathe.


Favourite Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin & Hair:

    • Blueberries are ranked as the number one antioxidant by the US Department of Agriculture as compared to 40 common fruits and vegetables. The anti-oxidants in blueberries protect you from premature aging; therefore, consider adding half a cup to your yogurt, cereal or even your salad.
    • Wild Salmon: Wild, not farm raised is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep skin supple and moisturized. Added bonus is vitamin D in salmon keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy. There are many ways to implement salmon into your diet. Try it grilled, baked, in your pasta or on a salad.
    • Spinach: This leafy green is rich in nutrients and antioxidants Spinach is loaded with lutein which keeps your eyes healthy and sparkling….adding to your youthful appearance
    • Tomatoes: The best source of anti-oxidant lycopene. Surprisingly, lycopene in tomatoes is more easily absorbed by your body when it is cooked or processed, so make sure to stock up on canned/jarred tomato sauce and tomato juice.
    • Walnuts Beneficial to healthy hair, brighter eyes and smoother skin. Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E make this an easy addition to salads, pasta and deserts.
    • Kiwi: Loaded with vitamin C which keeps skin firm, helps prevent wrinkles and supports bone and teeth. The anti-oxidants are also known to protect from cancer and heart disease.


Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients nourish the skin from within, support healthy radiant skin, reverse wrinkles and address skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, seborrhea. Health and Beauty are created in the inner layers of the skin and dependent on how the skin cells develop and are nourished by nutrients from the bloodstream below.