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Botox brow lift is a non-invasive procedure that reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Everything You Want to Know About Botox Brow Lift Injection

Get rid of wrinkles in your forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet with Botox injections. Botox hinders and stops nerve signals in specific facial muscles, which causes the muscles to weaken temporarily. This prevents muscle contraction in the treated area.  

Advanced Botox brow lift is widely used worldwide as it can lift the brows with strategic injections, with results that look extremely natural. Toxin treatments, such as Dysport, Xeomin, or Botox can make you look and feel more youthful and rejuvenated without an expensive price tag or the downtime of a surgical brow lift. These make the treatment incredibly popular at Clarity Medspa in Toronto. 

Choosing the Best Botox Injector in Toronto

Many people do not realize that only Nurses & Doctors are allowed to perform Botox injections in Canada  and Choosing the right injector not only ensures that the treatment is carried out correctly and safely but also delivers good results. 

However, not everyone is a candidate for a Botox brow lift and the success rate is not always 100% even in the best of hands. That is why working with a skilled cosmetic injector with deep knowledge and understanding of facial muscles is crucial for the success of the treatment. 

What Is a Botox Brow Lift?

Also called a “forehead lift,” a true brow lift is a surgical procedure that physically lifts the muscles and skin of the forehead, raising the brows in the process. This type of brow lift is an invasive procedure that needs to be performed under general anesthetics, with lengthy downtime and recovery. 

On the other hand, a Botox brow lift is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that has similar results without the risk of surgery. Toxin treatments can give you a temporary eyebrow lift through strategic and well-placed injections. The treatment helps relax relevant muscles that drag the brows down. This causes muscle imbalance that enables the muscles in your forehead to pull the brows upward without resistance.

How Does Brow Lift With Botox Work?

The muscle groups in your eyebrow work against each other—some pull the eyebrows down while others pull the eyebrows up, creating the contour and height of your brows.

Frown lines (also known as frown muscles between your brows) refer to as your “11s,” the vertical lines that appear when you frown. Frowning activates these muscles, causing the inner brows to move inward and down.

Orbicularis Oculi, a circular muscle that goes around the eyes, causes crow’s feet (or smile lines) when we smile. Relaxing a specific part of the Orbicularis Oculi causes the arch to float upwards. That is why, at Clarity Medspa, we will inject botox brow lift to the muscles that “pull down” to trigger the opposing muscles to “pull up.”

Potential Problem With Botox Brow Lift

As mentioned, botox treatment works by weakening the brow depressors to enable the “lifters” to do their job. However, this is just a simple overview of the treatment. There are crucial factors you need to consider before getting a Botox brow lift.

  • What if you have weak frontalis or lifter muscles?
  • What if your muscles are not strong enough to pull your eyebrows up when opposed?
  • What if the height of your eyebrows is lower than usual or your frontalis are so flat that they are not able to do their job?

These are some of the unique situations that make one not suitable for a Botox brow lift procedure. When the treatment is not successful, injecting more Botox will not resolve the problem. If you are not a good candidate for the procedure, a surgical brow lift is your better option.

Why Botox Brow Lift Is So Popular?

Botox brow lift rejuvenates the brows and eyelids for a more youthful look

Botox brow lift rejuvenates the brows and eyelids for a more youthful look

The Botox brow lift in Toronto is among the most popular treatments at Clarity Medspa & Laser. Today, the most preferred brow shape choice of our patients is arched and lifted as it gives them a well rested and rejuvenated look. Additionally, arched and lifted brows help improve the appearance of hooded upper eyelids.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Botox Brow Lift?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good fit for Botox brow lift injection. Only a professional cosmetic contractor can determine if the treatment is suitable for you through a proper assessment. During the consultation, the cosmetic Nurse / Physician Injector will do a hearth history as well, evaluate the height of your eyebrows and assess the laxity of your skin in your head and eyelid areas.

Think of the Botox brow lift as an art. The incorrect placement of the toxin can cause the brow arch to drop or flatten or even result in a droopy eyelid. While these are not your desired outcomes, they will resolve with time. 

How Much Does Botox Brow Lift in Toronto Costs?

The price of our advanced and specialized Botox browser starts at $10 per unit with savings when bundled in a treatment plan. Be wary of practitioners who offer this treatment with crazy discounts – it may be an indicator that they are using off-label botox drug, or they lack the skills and expertise to perform the treatment.

For Botox brow lift by a reliable injector, get in touch with Clarity Medspa & Laser. Call us today at 416 960-2222 to book your appointment.

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