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Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel & Facial Treatment

  1. Deep cleanings of the skin
  2. Application of Carbon lotion over the entire treatment area
  3. Once the lotion dries and particles have had a chance to set into the skin, the technician will use a Spectra™ Q-switched 1064 laser to vaporize the lotion and heat up the outermost layers of the skin (a method commonly used in ablative laser treatments). You will experience a warming sensation as the lotion is being absorbed by the laser.
  4. Painless, with no downtime, Spectra™ makes your skin smoother and brighter. Unlike chemical peels, there is no delayed exfoliation or shedding process.

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You don’t have to be a movie star to treat yourself to younger-looking, brighter skin. Take advantage of this wonderful new technology and painlessly achieve visible improvement to your skin.

Schedule your FREE consultation to get an expert insight into your skin condition and to know if a Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel is suitable for you. Fill out our online booking form. to book a slot. If you have questions about peel and laser skin treatments in Toronto, talk to a Clarity MedSpa staff at 416-960-2222 or email us at [email protected]. The Most Popular Carbon Laser Peel for Toronto Clients

Cosmetic treatments get talked about for two reasons: either because they leave impressive results that are too difficult to ignore, or because they’re ineffective and a complete waste of money. In the case of laser treatments, the Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel Treatment stands out because it falls under the former.

Also known as a “Hollywood Facial,” Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel is Toronto’s widely-embraced peel treatment because of its unparalleled effectiveness in treating damaged skin. Carbon peels produce instantly visible results that they have become the go-to treatment for celebrities around the world.

What people love about Spectra™ Carbon Laser Facial Peel is it can bring back your skin’s youthful glow in a pain-free way. It can deliver instant results, which is why Hollywood celebrities turn to Carbon Laser Facial for a much-needed last-minute pampering before crashing an event. Whether you have a wedding, a high school reunion, or another big event coming up, you’ll get noticeable results in a short span of time.

Spectra™ peel treatment can be delivered as a single refresher treatment, but for those with problematic skin a series of treatments is available. Customized treatment plans can produce lasting effects that address a wide range of skin problems.

In addition to giving you an instant glow, this laser treatment can perform the following effects:

  • Shrinks pore size
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces large pores
  • Controls oily skin
  • Minimizes and controls blackheads
  • Diminishes acne scars
  • Fades melasma (a.k.a. “Pregnancy Mask”)
  • Fades pigmentation/sun damage

What happens during a Spectra™ treatment?

After the initial consultation, a typical Spectra™ Carbon Laser Peel for Toronto patients will undergo the following procedures:

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