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Enhance Blood Circulation

Habits to Enhance Blood Circulation in Your Legs

Excellent circulation is a crucial factor in the overall health of an individual. Extremities, specifically the legs, are prone to poor circulation due to inadequate blood flow. This can lead to several issues, including spider veins and varicose veins.

Enhance the circulation of your legs and prevent the appearance of veins by observing the following habits:

Move Around

Avoid standing or sitting for too long. Staying in one position for extended periods can hinder circulation and lead to multiple health issues; therefore, interrupt periods of prolonged sitting by walking around for a few minutes. Additionally the use of DIY massage cupping also helps with improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and relief from leg fatigue.

Observe Proper Body Positioning

Crossing your legs when you sit can impede circulation in your legs. Instead of sitting in this position, try positioning your feet flat on the floor with your legs slightly apart. Propping your legs up on an Ottoman (about six to 12 inches in height) can also improve circulation.

While sleeping, elevate your legs with a pillow to increase the blood flow to the heart.

Start an Exercise Regimen

starting an exercise
Exercising is one of the most efficient means of improving circulation. Get your blood pumping with activities like:

  • Stretching
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Yoga

Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous or time-consuming. Can’t get to the gym? Take a walk during breaks, use the stairs instead of the elevator or park your car a distance from your building.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a major contributing factor to all circulatory issues. It impairs the heart and impedes blood flow. It can also damage blood vessels and cause blood clots. Quitting can reduce the effects of smoking and improve circulation within 12 weeks of cessation.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

Certain footwear, specifically those for women, can be detrimental to blood flow. Instead of wearing pointed shoes, opt for foot wear with rounded toes. Favor wedges over stilettos and wear more comfortable footwear like sandals, loafers, or sneakers.

Follow Healthy Eating Habits

eating habits
Excess weight can hinder the circulatory system from functioning at its bet. A healthy diet contributes to healthy body weight which, in turn, leads to better circulation. Adhere to a healthy diet by being mindful of the following:

  • Minimize salt intake
  • Drink adequate amounts of water
  • Eat fiber-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables
  • Substitute fatty meats with lean meat
  • Talk to your health care provider about herbs and supplements.

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