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Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins & Leg Veins

Prominent veins that are visible on the outside of skin can be caused by lifestyle, a genetics, hormonal changes, and/or a person’s activity level. Those of us who experience trauma to the skin or have a history of blood clots are also prone to the appearance of varicose or spider veins on our legs or arms.

While these veins do not necessarily represent a threat to health, some patients with noticeable veins may complain of aches. Other symptoms include cramping pain, a “tired” or “heavy” feeling, restlessness, and tingling. For relief, elevating the legs or wearing compression stockings can improve circulation.

One option to address the physical appearance of visible veins is to seek laser treatment and remove them permanently.

Here are some basic facts about laser treatment for spider or varicose veins:

1. Non-invasive. Spider veins, along with superficial veins on thighs and legs are commonly treated with either IPL or 1064nm lasers. Using either intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser, the blood in the vessels absorbs light, converting to heat, and thermally injuring the vessel wall.

2. Laser treatment for veins. While sclerotherapy (injections) continues to be the gold standard for spider veins, significant improvements in Laser technologies have made laser a popular, convenient and affordable vein treatment option.

3. Short Recovery Time. There is virtually no downtime after a laser treatment for spider veins and although temporary bruising may appear, this fades relatively quickly. Wearing compression stockings after treatment may also be recommended to speed recovery. Additional treatments may be recommended to receive maximum benefit.

Laser vein treatments, when offered by trained and experienced nurses and/or physicians, are safe and effective. As prominent veins slowly disappear, you’ll notice the difference in your skin’s appearance. While healing from laser therapy treatment, maintaining a healthy diet and wearing compression stockings helps in maintaining and prolonging results.

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