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Under-Eye Care Tips for Busy Women

It may be difficult for today’s woman to take time out of the schedule to do for herself; however, a busy life makes self-care even more essential. When dealing with everyday stress, “me time” becomes a tool that improves confidence and makes us ready to face challenges at work and home.

One important area that requires attention is the delicate under-eye skin. Below are a few practices you can incorporate daily to alleviate under eye conditions without sacrificing time at work or with family:


No matter the demands of your career or home life, sleep is extremely important for both cognitive ability and skin’s appearance. The ideal number of nightly sleep hours varies from person to person, ranging from six to nine. Determine the optimum amount your body needs for you to be high-functioning and looking your best, and make that your goal.

Use an extra pillow.

Vascular issues encourage blood to collect under your eyes. Fluid can pool around the face, contributing to morning puffiness and a darker under-eye hue. Address this by sleeping on your back and/or elevating your head slightly with an extra pillow, preventing the overnight accumulation of fluids.

Drink more water; eat less salt.

Through the use of sodium, a body retains water to maintain proper balance. At the same time, dehydration places the body in a state of panic, forcing it to hold on to water instead of excreting it. Water retention exacerbates bloating issues and causes under-eye puffiness. To reduce bags under the eye, reduce your salt consumption and drink plenty of water.

Take vitamin supplements.

Augment your diet with vitamins to help reduce under-eye issues. Vitamin C, amino acids, and copper promote the production of collagen, which preserves skin structure and elasticity. Iron and vitamin B12 prevent iron deficiency, a contributor to dark circles.

Cool your eyes.

Cooling the area around the eyes alleviates swelling due to constricted blood vessels. Place slices of potato (or cucumber), a cold compress, or a gel eye mask just under your brow bone, covering the eyes for 10-20 minutes. If you have limited downtime, you can do this while you’re soaking in the tub, while listening to music, or a podcast/lecture for work.

Massage Cupping around the eyes.

While light finger-tip massaging can help with tired looking eyes, try your hand at Massage Cupping for accelerated improvements to puffiness and blood stagnation (dark circles). The easiest and safest massage cups are manufactured by LURE Essentials and are specifically designed for the eyes – their GLAM cups glide beautifully with any facial oil that happens to agree with your skin. The pattern to follow is easy, starting at the inside corners and gently gliding outwards towards the temples, cheekbone and down the sides of the face. This gliding action helps promote blood circulation and more importantly, drain fluids away from the eye area. You can do this anytime of day – at home, after the gym, or on break at work.

Use excellent skin care.

Use skin care that is matched with the needs of your skin. Along with daily use of SPF. explore anti-aging Growth Factors. Rebalance moisture and regenerate the skin by selecting a product that specifically addresses under-eye issues including loss of volume. Also remember to purchase facial moisturizers and creams that:

● Have a mild formula that does not irritate sensitive skin beneath the eyes
● Promise an SPF of (at least) 30 and include broad spectrum sun protection
● Promote anti-aging properties to maintain skin elasticity

Look, feel, and be your best by including self-care in your regular routine. Clarity MedSpa& Laser Centre offers quality under eye and skin care products and a wide variety of services to address your aesthetic needs. Call us at (416) 960-2222.