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What are Serums and when should I be using a Serum?

What are Serums and when should I be using a Serum?

Serums are formulated with molecules small enough to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Serum vs Moisturizer…or should I use both?

Water-soluble ingredients like vitamins, anti-oxidants and acids are well suited for serum formulations. Whereas, ingredients that are lipophilic, like fats and oils, can not be delivered as effectively and are better suited to cream or lotion formulations.

Although serums can be wondrous, they are just one piece of the healthy skin puzzle. Most serums don’t hydrate, which is why a serum + moisture combination is ideal.

Moisturizer leaves a fine film on the skin and acts as a seal while the serum allows the key ingredients to penetrate deeper. When time allows, let the serum sit for 10-15 minutes before applying moisturizer.

Potent ingredients common in serums

  • EXFOLIATORS to remove dead skin cells.
  • VITAMINS such as A, C & E have anti-oxidant properties, prevent free radical damage & reduce common signs of stress and photo-aging.
  • HYALURONIC ACID allows serums to penetrate deeper & help address hydration.
  • SKIN BRIGHTENERS that are naturally derived address dullness, melasma, age spots and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentations.
  • Anti-Bacterial Extracts refine pores, and kill bacteria associated with acne and/or rosacea

Serums tackle skin problems…

  • Dehydrated skin.
  • Redness & blotchy skin.
  • Under eye puffiness.
  • Discoloration – dark spots.
  • Lack of tone & firmness.