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Why topical vitamin C is good for healthy skin

Topical Vitamin C is popular in skin care products, with many advertising claims that this anti-oxidant will protect against and reverse aging. The truth is many formulations contain very low concentrations of antioxidants that are not well absorbed by the skin.


Vitamin C however, when manufactured into a STABLE formulation is proven highly effective in protecting against photo-aging of the skin.

How Does Vitamin C Work?

Daily living exposes us to a wide range of damaging external factors including pollution & UV sun damage and Vitamin C has shown to protect our skin by reducing the amount of free radical formation.


Pollutants and UV light decrease the naturally occurring vitamin C levels in the skin; therefore, topical application of this vitamin can help restore these photo-protectant levels. Studies also suggest that vitamin C may play a role in activating collagen metabolism and dermal synthesis of elastic fibers, thus making it a popular ingredient to help with healing and fight the signs of aging.

What are the benefits of topical Vitamin C?

  • Improves the appearance of skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Aids in wound healing as it stabilizes collagen.
  • Protects against or lessens the severity of sunburns.
  • Save for any skin type.

Understanding free radical damage & skin.

  • Free radicals are molecules created as a by-product of oxygen metabolism as our bodies create energy at the cellular level. Basically the oxygen loses one electron, turning it into a free radical.
  • Free radical formation can be accelerated by such factors as pollutants, sunlight, radiation, smoking, stress, excessive alcohol, infection and some drugs.
  • Anti-oxidants protect healthy cells by donating an electron to the free radicals. The body produces anti-oxidants naturally and we can also get them externally (foods, topical products, supplements)

How to choose the best topical Vitamin C?

Important for consumers to know is that most mass marketed formulations are manufactured cheaply, and therefore are ineffective.

“The problem lies in the fact that vitamin C is most commonly found in the form of L-ascorbic acid which is highly unstable when exposed to the air”, says Chantal Ward, RN and owner of Clarity Medspa in Toronto. “That is not to say that fantastic and highly effective Vitamin C formulations are not available – one simply needs to do their homework before investing money ”.

When shopping for topical vitamin C, Chantal Ward recommends consulting with a trusted medical aesthetic practitioner before starting. They can help you determine which formulation is best for your skin type and your budget.